Why am I running?


As a parent and educator, I have become deeply concerned with the quality of education coming out of the public school systems. As a candidate for School Committee, I want to bring my experience in Psychology and Leadership Development to help create a solid fountain for families to build off of.


Why am I running?

  • So I can use my passion and experience to help our families, schools, and communities to have diversity.
  • Gain respect within the community to acknowledge our differences while still providing a model of self-accountability for children, parents, teachers, and schools.
  • Work together to bring back logic and reason by utilizing the Founding Father’s principles of faith, morality, law, education, and liberty.
  • Educate parents to re-learn that they are the first teachers of their children and they should have CHOICE within education. 
  • Bridgewater State College with a degree in Psychology
  • Graduate degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of the Rockies.
  • Previous career in Human Resource Management working at Bain & Company and in Change Management.
  • Currently a Leadership Development consultant teaching parents and children practical approaches to organize their thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
  • Leader of a homeschool co-op working with families and children. 


When I grew up, I wanted to be …

When I was in High School and College, I wanted to be a High School guidance counselor. 

Dashe Alberty of Foxboro, a psychology major who plans to pursue graduate studies and become a high school counselor, said she felt stressed before the ceremony. “It was a lot of work. I had to go through summer school to get through college in four years, but I got through it and I’m pretty happy,” said Alberty, 22.