Dashe Videira for Franklin School Committee

Dashe’s approach to education may be different from the norm, but comes with dedication, love, and hard work. She is a passionate wife and mother of four who deeply believes in the integrity of America’s founding principles. She currently homeschools 3 of her 4 children with local families in and around the area.

She graduated from Bridgewater State College, where she earned a degree in Psychology. Dashe holds a graduate degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of the Rockies with a previous career in Human Resource Management. For the last 6 years, she has been teaching parents and children practical approaches to organize their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This involves implementing structure, creativity, and flexibility so children and parents can thrive spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

Dashe has owned property in town for over 11 years. Originally, she and her husband moved to Franklin for the school systems, the growing activities, and morale of the downtown area. She went into labor at the Alumni Restaurant with her first child and got married at the Franklin Town Hall.

She will fight through societal pressures for families to feel empowered and safe sharing opinions and experiences. She will instill confidence within the community, and defend their God given freedoms, while encouraging families to take charge of their children’s education.

Franklin families deserve the liberty of feeling safe, heard, and respected, even when there is a disagreement. She hopes to help be the change we all wish to see.

Your child’s education is worth the fight!